VIKA KOVA is a multimedia / video artist and designer. 

Born in Vladivostok, Russia. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 1996.

Gender-asymmetry and striving for balance is the impetus behind Kova’s state of artistic mind, her works and projects. Kova’s background and experiences have led her to the ultimate exploration of these topics.

Born in Vladivostok (USSR), Vika Kova grew up in Germany. Back to Russia, after graduating from Moscow Conservatory, she moved to Holland becoming a successful singer, DJ, performer and later, a multimedia / video artist. As an international DJ, Kova stood out in a profession dominated by men. This experience triggered her interest in gender issues within social, and cultural frameworks; and directly influenced her identity as an artist. 

Kicking against the establishment in a non-aggressive way, pushing the boundaries between reality and technology, Kova emerged in 2014 with her project Land of Good, where she raises evocative questions as to what a gender-symmetrical society would look like. Since then, everything she has been doing is heading towards one same direction: the creation of a virtual world OrdeX that would answer these questions.

Kova’s project processes these questions gradually, with care and thoroughness: a fundamental research - based on collaborations with various institutions and Universities - reflects in Kova’s artworks: they are all dedicated to one goal - the creation of the virtual reality “OrdeX”. 

Harnessing the power of art to serve as a conceptual tool, her digital canvases, multimedia frames, video installations, guerrilla actions, performances and soon-to-be virtual reality artworks employ visual and sound simulations to confront social mores in order to bring awareness to a gender-asymmetry and the possibility of a sustainable gender-balanced society.