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Olga Katsyuba

    Olga Katsyuba was born in Alma-Ata. 1994 she Graduated from ASU named after Abay, faculty of fine and applied arts.

    1994-1998 – she worked as a lecturer in the Department of drawing and graphics.

    Since 1994 Olga Katsyuba party Republican and international exhibitions in 47 city. Author of "the Vanishing city" (2002), and "Alma-Ata. Old town" (2009). From 1995 to 2013 has held 15 solo exhibitions. Released 4 copyright catalog. Paintings and graphic works by artists included in the 32 art album and directory. From April 2012 pictures Olga Katsyuba presented on billboards in the city of Almaty.

     Olga works in various painting and graphic techniques. The artist's works are in private collections in CIS, USA, Germany, South Korea, Canada, China, Turkey, Australia and England. A member of the Professional Artists Union of Russian Federation.

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