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Roman Sakovich

Date/place of birth: 
21.02.1994. Minsk, Belarus
Gymnasium-College of Arts named after I.O. Akhremchik, Sculpture Department
(Minsk, Belarus, 2007-2013);
Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Sculpture Department
(Minsk, Belarus, 2013-2019

Participation in exhibitions and master classes:

  • Lecturer in sculpture at the A. Kasteev School of Art and Design (Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 2022 to the present);

  • Teacher of sculpture, drawing at the School of Fine Arts "Zere Art” (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2021-2022);

  • Teacher of sculpture at the Minsk State Art College named after A.K. Glebov (Minsk, Belarus, 2019-2021).


1. Laureate in the art contest "Art Minsk" (Minsk, Belarus, 2021);
2. XVI International Festival of Ice Sculpture "Polar Rhapsody" (Salekhard, Russia, 2019 );
3. XVIII International Competition of ice and snow sculpture "Hyperborea" 3rd place in the nomination "Snow sculpture. Big Cube"

( Petrozavodsk, Russia, 2019 );
4. XII International Ice Sculpture Competition "Magadan Crystal" (Magadan, Russia, 2018);
5. Joint conceptual art project "Sculpture in a square". Authors: Roman Sakovich and Alexey Vrublevsky ( Lida, Belarus, 2018 );
6. Sculpture exhibition "Forms of Time" (Minsk, Belarus, 2018);
7. Republican sculpture exhibition "Formostoyanie" (Mogilev, Belarus, 2018 );
8. III exhibition-fair "Autumn Salon" (Minsk, Belarus, 2017);
9. XI International Ice Sculpture Competition "Magadan crystal" 3rd place in the nomination "Small sculpture" (Magadan, Russia, 2017 );
10. I International Geodesign Contest "Iturup*Style" 3rd place for the sculptural work "Kurila" (Iturup island, Sakhalin region,Russia, 2017 );
11. Republican exhibition "Psychology of the image" (Minsk,Belarus, 2017 );
12. Exhibition project "Ode to Joy" (Linz, Austria, 2017);
13. Biennale of the Belarusian Union of Designers "Postulate" (Minsk, Belarus, 2016 );
14. Exhibition at the M. Savitsky Gallery "The Year of Sculpture" (Minsk, Belarus, 2016 );
15. International Student Exhibition "Other Stories" (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016);
16. I International plein Air "Second Life" in the Art village "Witland" ( Kaliningrad Region, Russia, 2015 ).

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