Ular Gallery Almaty Kazakhstan

Vitali Vin



Born 1957 Odessa (USSR)

Lives & works in UK/Italy from 1991, British



1974 – 1977 Odessa Marine College, Odessa

1983 – 1989 Academy of Art, Saint Petersburg

1989 – 1989 Exchange programme, Norwich, UK



2013 Dinner is served”, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

Scope, Miami beach, Fl, USA

2012 Dazed and Refused, London, UK

2011 The Fourth Moscow Biennale of contemporary art, Fabrica, Moscow. / VideoAkt, International Biennale, Barcelona. / “Infame”, Forman’s Smokehouse gallery, London,

2010 Chips by VitaliV, Maverik Showroom, London. / Digital life, Salon Gallery, london.

2009 Moda, Picture, Style, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg.

2008 Digital Butterfly by Pino Signoretto and VitaliV, joint project. Murano, Venice

2007 Digital metamorphosis, Summer Gardens, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg

2006 Digital art, Sands, Las-Vegas, USA

2001 Group show at UCL. University College London, London

2000 Cook-art, Islington Design Centre, London, UK

1999 Three tons of food at once, Bank, Hoxton, London ( Cook-art’s presentation)

Temporary radio, Radio Suisse, Geneva. (Radio-painting)

Solomon Rossine & VitalyV, New Burlington gallery, London



1998 Solomon Rossine & VitalyV, Millone Rober, Paris

1997 VitalyV, Carbonaria, Sevilia, Spain

1996 Sergey Bugaev (Afrika, A.Kostroma, VitalyV, The Russian Ethnography Museum, Saint-Petersburg

1995 Three artists, (Safardiar, VitalyV, Zaltsman) Albemarle Gallery, / LondonFragments, Merts Contemporary Gallery, London

1994 A4 gallery, Flash art magazine, London. (Gallery inside magazine) / Real size of Fuji, Flash art magazine,Hoxton,London / Lift Gallery, Bank, Hoxton. London

1993 Cyberspace museum on BBS, Bank, Hoxton. London

1992 Quadrature of the circle, Marble palace, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg

1991 “Pehl’s pharmacy”, Merz Contemporary Gallery London. England



2009 Vitaliv fashion, Zone, Louvre, Paris, France

2008 Vitaliv fashion show. London fashion week, London

2004 Take over church, Caen, France