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Art Market Budapest

Ular Art Agency and Art Gallery

Year of establishment: June 1993/2002 
Ownership: private
Founder and Director: Yuriy E. Markovich

Coat of arms of the Markovich family
Aztkomas Meno Reginiai
Art Vilnius


In the ancient times many legends told about sacramental bird Ular, it exists in kazakh fairytales. Each plumelet of that fantastic animal possessed from majestic features and maintained from evil. Long time ago our provident predecessors fitted its plumeletes on women hats to save from whammy and blasting. In our days that divine bird inhabits in far Alphin districts of Ala Tay, in “Red Book” and in art gallery name. 

International Federation of the Union of Artists


Since the times of foundation till our days priority of our gallery is promotion achievement to challenging artists with no matter of their age and fame. The main criteria of our selection are creativity and irregularity. In that connection we aim to sense the artist and help to choose own direction, to trust in own depth.

“Ular” gallery was the first that to post exhibition of young artists, represent private and corporative collections, being experts and producers. In interconnection of three forces as in mutual enrichment “artist-gallery-collector” see own future activity “Ular” gallery.


Collections consulting:

Collections consulting: DEG (Germany), World Bank, German Economic Representative Office, Kazkommertsbank, ATF Bank, ABN AmroBank, MetrokomBank, Bank Centercredit, Total, ExxonMobil, Siemens and private collections in Kazakhstan, Europe and the USA. Collections in Russian museums, and the USA. 


Ular gallery activity directions:

Contemporary art of Avant-garde traditional forms (painting, graphics, collage, sculpture), exhibition activities. 

Special contemporary-art projects and art tutorials. 

New names discovery and support, art-residence programs participation. 

Painters of the sixties, formation of private and corporate collections. 

The only gallery in Kazakhstan, having photo artists collection

Formation of the personal artwork collection. 

The interior decoration, wide choice of art-presents.

International exhibitions and fairs:

Moscow gallery project (Russia) 1995.

Art Vilnius (Lithuania) 2009, 2011.

DEG (Cologne, Germany) 2005, 2007, 2009.

Artkomas projects (Lithuania) 2010.

CHA Moscow (Russia) 2010, 2012.

Kiev gallery project (Ukraine) 2012.

Art Market Budapest (Hungary) 2012-2014.

Rotterdam Art Fair (Holland) 2016.

Amsterdam Art Fair (Holland) 2017.

Lanciano fair of crafts or decorative arts (Italy) 2018.



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