Maxim Vedernikov was born on December 15, 1972 in Alma-Ata.

In the childhood with pleasure was engaged in drawing therefore in 1988 arrived in Art school of Gogol. 

In 1992 successfully he graduated from school. For the thesis “Aksaysky gorge” artist received an assessment well.Since 1992 it was let in free swimming, actively Maxim wrote and realized his works in Oner salon. He participated in various exhibitions, such as: “Zhiger” 2000 and “Person and tulip” 2001.

In 2002 Maxim decided to arrive in Kaz Nai of. T.Zhurgenova.

In 2006 defended theses “Rainbow” and “State farm of Ala Tau” perfectly well with a praise. During study Maxim participated in the youth Shabyt exhibition of 2004.

After the termination of Academy of Arts he actively works, participates in various projects, such, as: “Zhiger 2001”, “Shabyt 2004”, Gallery OYu “Still Life 2008”, Gallery OYu “Female Image 2009”. Gallery Wash 2004 “Travel on the old city”, a museum of Kasteev “Through crisis to updating” 2009.

OYu gallery: “Still life”, “Almaty my favourite city 2009”, “A female image”, “Many-sided Eurasia 2010” “Nauryz”, “20 anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan”

Gathering confidence of the forces more and more, in 2010 he organized a personal exhibition in Ular and Oner gallery.

In April 2011, finally realized his dream – he opened an art gallery "A la prima".

Ular Gallery Almaty Kazakhstan