Sergey Ivanovich Kalmykov (6 October 1891 — 27 April 1967) is a Russian, and then Soviet Kazakh painter, Illustrator, designer, writer, avant-garde artist.

Kalmykov works have no direct analogies in world art history. In the course of his creative activities Kalmykov has developed an original painting style, sometimes referred to as "fantastic expressionism".

Sergey Kalmykov was born in in Samarkand. In twenty years, moved To St. Petersburg, where he studied at the art school of V. N. Zvantseva K. S. Petrov-Vodkin.    Then to Orenburg, and from there on short visits to Moscow. Worked as an artist of Middle Volga mobile Opera and made costumes and playbills for Orenburg theatre and circus.

In 1935 he was invited to Kazakhstan to work in a newly created musical theatre, where he worked for many years. Here, in Almaty and ended his life in 1967.

In Soviet times his paintings was very different from the social realism approved by the party direction, so his paintings were not necessary and did not fall under the social procurements.

He was a sort of legend of the city of Almaty. He’s not to understand and underestimated. Having nervous breakdown of the total non-recognition, the artist had to undergo treatment in psychiatric hospitals.

     The Kalmykov were often painted in the streets and parks of the city and eventually became an urban legend because of its extravagant outfits and eccentric behavior. Sergey Kalmykov had no furniture in his apartment and used instead tied bales of old Newspapers.

     Exhibited at the 1st and 4th public exhibitions of paintings (1921, 1932), exhibitions of paintings of the society "Fire-color" (1925) in Moscow, "Artists of the Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Kazakh Soviet socialist Republic" in Moscow and Leningrad (1941), "40 years of Soviet Kazakhstan" in Almaty (1961) and others. His personal exhibitions were held in Alma-Ata (1941, 1943).

In the State Museum of arts named after A. Kasteyev in Almaty is over 1 100 works is the largest known collections. Many works are in the collections of the Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg and in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. A significant number of works are in private collections, both in Kazakhstan and in Russia, USA and Europe.

     The first posthumous exhibition of works by Sergey Kalmykov was organized in 1968 by the gallery. Taras Shevchenko in Almaty. In 1991 the State Museum of arts. A. Kasteev organized another exhibition. He published the first album of works by Kalmykov.

In 2001, the State Museum of art named after A. Kasteyev held the largest exhibition of the artist's works. In different years was also held exhibitions of works by Kalmykov and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and some private galleries.

In 2002, Alex Orlov, a collector of Russian origin from the United States organized a Fund of Sergey Kalmykov, collected about three hundred paintings Kalmykov, appeared in the West, and published the first international edition of his works.

     August 29, 2014 in Orenburg on the house on Lenin street, 5, where lived S. I. Kalmykov, a memorial plaque "To the Singer of Orenburg"

Ular Gallery Almaty Kazakhstan