The Sultan Ilyaev's exhibition "The Attraction..."

We invite You to the Kingdom of pure light bright, philosophical, kind and sensual works of Sultan Ilyaev at the exhibition

"The ATTRACTION...", which soften the heart, and soul!

The exhibition in the Artist Union Gallery 15.09.2017 - 03.10.17.

Sultan Ilyaev was born 25 August 1954, in Shymkent. Worked as chief designer, Chairman of the Artist Union of South Kazakhstan region. Has the title "Honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The artist creates works of allegorical plan. Components of the Kazakh applied art with ethnocultural characteristics can be seen in the objective world of his works. Painting of Sultan Ilyaev – the realm of pure color, light and shade is not needed.

And, of course, anyone familiar with the work of his father, Gani Ilyaev, certainly picks up a artists genetic link dynasty. Gani Ilyaev was the first in the Shymkent artist who became a member of the Artists Union of the USSR. Among close Gani Ilyaev's friends was — Saken Seyfullin, Maylin Beimbet, Turar Ryskulov, Ilyas Zhansugurov, Mukhtar Auezov, Sultanbek Kozhanov, and other famous people of Kazakhstan.

Science reassures, art exists in order to not give to calm down. Georges Braque

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