Exhibition of works by the best KazakhSSR’s artists, Members of the Artists Union "To the memor

This exhibition is the first part of a new unique a large project, initiated by "Ular" Art-Agency, Gallery of Artists Union, as well as private collectors and owners of family collections. The exhibition in the gallery Ular will be presented works of such artists of Kazakhstan– the classics, Members of the Artist Union of Kazakhstan as I. Isabaev, S. Sydykhanov, S. Aitbayev, B. Tabeev, J. Shardenov, S. Kalmykov, S. Romanov, I. Bondarenko, S. Mambeev, I. Stadnichuk etc.

We invite Everyone to the exhibition "The memory of the past masters" in the Ular gallery for 4.11.2017 - 30.11.17, which is dedicated to the XVIII Congress of the Artist Union of the Kazakhstan!

#ArtistsUnion #exhibition #painting #graphic #USSR #antique

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