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Personal exhibition of African artist Moses Zibor “Spirit of the Prairie”

Originally, from Nigeria, Moses Zibor in his paintings reveals the bright beauty of his homeland. Black women in colorful attire, dancing at the rhythm of drums of Africa, or holding a leisurely conversation in the market, Musicians with their instruments, which sounds as if pouring from the paintings. Noisy bustle of city streets and the quiet charm of the evenings in the village, horse riders and beautiful African traditional wedding coupled ethics of our great planet. Artist’s genuine love to his motherland are defined in his paintings and it gives a unique charm to ordinary subjects.

In addition to traditional oil painting, Moses Zibor also works in pastel technique, which is very rare nowadays. Skillfully using pastel’s artistic features, such as sonority of color and richness of texture, he creates works in the manner of "non finito". Thrilling vibration of dash and purity and freshness of color create the world, which mesmerizes the viewer with a sense of spontaneity of creation.

Since the year 2000, he is a participant of dozen group and personal exhibitions.

Moses Zibor emerges as a third runner up winner an Art Competition by Italian Consulate in 2001.

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