Exhibition "Graphics Golden collection of the 1940s - 2000s»

Works of the best graphic artists

of the Kazakh SSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan

This exhibition showing the Best collection of Kazakh graphics

from classics to contemporaries!

The best brand artists who make up the Gold Fund of Kazakhstan art!

This is part of a new unique large project initiated by the "Ular" Art Agency, the Artists Union Gallery, as well as private collectors and owners of family collections. The exhibition featuring the works of such Kazakh graphic artists, Members of the Kazakhstan's Artists Unionas Andrey Dyachkin, Karim Bekenov, Sergey Kalmykov, Salihitdin Aitbaev, Makum Kisametdinov, Alexander Ovchinnikov, Bauyrzhan Naymanov, Alexander Erashov, Evgeny Sidorkin, Pavel Zaltsman and others. The Fund of the gallery has more than three hundred units of collectible graphics!

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