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Personal exhibition of paintings by Opera diva Laura Kungei

Dear friends! We invite You to the exhibition-concert of the artist-Opera diva Laura Kungei "City of Angels"

The exhibition will be held in the Gallery of the Union of Artists from 01.03.2019 - 25.03.2019

In The Artist Union Gallery Laura Kungey! Opera diva! The first artist who signed a contract for the production of t-shirts with her personal works in the United States from the American design company Fashion-industry!

A unique singer and artist, combining vocal (academic and pop) and painting skills. Laureate of international competitions in Academic vocal. Winner of the international violin competition in Belgium (Brussels).

Not only the skill of her painting knows no bounds. Laura Kungei is also fluent in all genres and genres of music from popular to Opera and jazz.

In 2011 she took part in the first international exhibition in Almaty. In 2017 in October in the gallery "White Piano" was an exhibition along with It is Turemuratova called "Orgasm and Conscience." In 2018, in January, the international group exhibition was held in Moscow in the gallery “Moscow art gallery”, where Laura Kungei presented her five works. In 2018, a personal exhibition was held in the restaurant" Manana " in Almaty. Laura – the constant participant of various concerts in which her performance can be heard and the repertoire of the group Queen in Opera performance, and Neapolitanskie songs, Opera, Giuseppe Verdi.

In early 2019, Laura became the first artist to receive an offer from The American fashion design company and signed a contract for the production of t-shirts with her personal works in the United States, namely in Los Angeles and Miami.

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