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"Almaty Eden" By Olga Gorbenko

The exhibition will be held in the Ular gallery from

25.02.2020 to 10.03.2020

The picturesque world created by Olga Gorbenko appears in a heavenly light. Any story is filled with love for life in an infinite variety of its manifestations. The ability to feel beauty in large and small, responding with a sensitive heart, makes Olga want to share her own feelings with us. In Olga's paintings, you can trace the measured course of life, where day turns into night, and the seasons follow each other, obeying the universal wisdom of the laws of existence and generously sharing their beauty.

Olga Gorbenko, an economist by training, but a real artist at heart. Her sincerity and responsiveness allow you to feel the specifics of the material-the texture and shades of pastels, to intuitively understand the harmony of the composition, to be able to reveal the color decorativeness in creating paintings full of beauty and harmony.

The exhibition is open from February 25, 2020! Opening day of the exhibition at 16: 30

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