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Moses Zibor "This mysterious Africa"

The art of Africa in the paintings of Moses Zibor is an expression of our lost sense of the world: everything around us is filled with a special "life force", and man and nature are its carriers. Picturesque images of objects of mysterious voodoo magic, dark-skinned women in colorful clothing, dancing to the measured rhythm of drums or leading a leisurely conversation in the market. Musicians with their instruments, the sounds of which seem to flow from the canvases. The noisy bustle of city streets and the quiet charm of evenings in the village. The artist's genuine love for his native land distinguishes his paintings with African motifs and gives a unique charm to everyday subjects.

Africa still remains a distant and mysterious continent, and the art of the peoples of Africa is almost unknown to a wide range of viewers. The more valuable is the opportunity for the viewer to get acquainted with the mysterious culture in the paintings of the African artist Moses Zibor!

The exhibition will be held In the gallery of the Union of Artists from 14.03.2020 to 04.04.2020.

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